Working together to make bitcoin more approachable

March 2014 - Present



Born on March 2014, Xapo became one of the leading startups in bitcoins global market by giving the users full control to buy, send, or save their bitcoins.

The mission of its founder, Wences Casares, was to democratize bitcoins and make them more approachable, as well as easy to use for everyone.


Initial Investment


Purchase with bitcoin’s global market



Xapo needed a design partner to quickly move forward through the creation of communication pieces and facilitate the democratization of bitcoins in the market.

Xapo needed to


Users' Share Base

Our strategy


Xapo’s security



bitcoins closer to users





We designed and tested every piece of communication, accompanying Xapo‘s growth and proposing different solutions to drive this growth up.

Art Direction


Xapo Typography

a geometric and robust typography was chosen to develop strong and reliable communication.


Xapo Color Palette

We selected a black and white palette with red highlights to communicate responsibility and professionalism.


Xapo Illustration

The Plan B to anchor the visuals that could not be visualized through photography.


Chosen as the ultimate visual language to display real people and, thus, communicate Xapo’s reliability. We designed some mockups for the website and advertising.

Website Design

Landing Pages Iterations

Xapo Home
xapo Wallet
Lemon Wallet

Some Other Sections

xapo Wallet
Lemon Wallet
Lemon Wallet

The Guidelines’ landing

Xapo Home

Some 404 Love

Xapo Home
Xapo Home

Iconography & Illustration

Xapo Illustration
Xapo Illustration
Xapo Illustration
Xapo Illustration
Xapo Illustration

Online Campaign & Collaterals

Debit Card

We did not stop at digital design; we moved forward and designed a physical debit card.

Midnight.js on Xapo's home page


We helped Xapo to create a serial number of Ads that were used to promote its products in different niche markets.

Xapo Ads

Website Development


We developed a custom solution which kept the header always in contrast with the context while the user scrolled. But then we thought it would be cool to ship it as a jquery plugin, so we called it Midnight.js and set it free...

Midnight.js on Xapo's home page

Encrypting Data

Our challenge was to develop the Xapo’s API (Xapo’s early dev) creating a Google Chrome extension. We had to ensure that we were following Xapo’s security standards, developing an approachable and safe API.



Launch the site

Proud to have had brilliant results, we continue working with Xapo as their design partners.


Daily Active Users


Funding as of August 2014

They did well in

The New Your Times TechCrunch Fortune