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Did someone say party?

Media Party, one of Argentina’s top tech meetups, wanted their 5th edition to really blow up. They reached out to Aerolab to handle the design & development of the event’s website and to come up with a branding system for the whole meetup.


The challenge ahead called for some truly disruptive ideas. We decided to take a minimalistic path and see where it led when applied over a flat color palette, trying out a series of different looks for the brand.


After an extensive exploration stage, we finally arrived at a logo that felt right for a community of hackers. We coupled that with a sleek color palette and…boom! We’ve got ourselves a brand. We were so happy with it that we applied it on pretty much everything we could think of.

333333 30%
4DD8D6 10%
FFAF33 10%
Dibble shot for the media party event


With a brand in hand, it was time to take the concept even further and put together a landing page that coupled the unique identity of Media Party with the bulk of information users would need for the event. As always, we started on paper and built up from there.

Main illustration for the media party event
  • Full color picture
  • B&W tone 100%
  • Full color picture
  • B&W tone 100%
  • Color opacity 85%
Final mockup for the media party event
Final mockup for the media party event

MediaParty in numbers

  • 2300
    People in three days
  • +40%
    Increase since 2015
  • 51
  • 64

Press and tweets

What did users think of MediaParty 2016?
Spoiler alert: they loved it.

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